The Lumineers on their Brightside tour 2023. Halifax, The Piece Hall

Heading For The Lights: The Lumineers’ Brightside Tour Illuminates Hearts and Souls

As the gates opened at 6 pm that evening, the heavens unleashed a rapid downpour upon us, embodying the quintessential British weather. However, our momentary dismay was swiftly replaced, as the ever growing crowd stood waiting on the sun, in eager anticipation for the Brightside of the evening.

On the momentous Sunday the 9th of July 2023, a date in which I had been yearningly counting down for since the beginning of this year, an enchanting performance unfolded at Halifax’s glorious venue of The Piece Hall. It was there that the much-celebrated and incomparable band, The Lumineers, seized the spotlight, captivating the hearts of all 5,500 folk there in attendance. The air was heavy with excitement as the greatness of the sold-out venue’s architectural glory mingled with the electric energy of the crowd.

Before The Lumineers took the centre stage, an absorbing performance unfolded courtesy of the one and only Abraham Alexander, accompanied by his soulful band. As the evening’s noteworthy support artist, Alexander captivated the audience with his mesmerising presence. The air was alive with suspense as he skillfully serenaded the crowd with a delightful assortment of tracks from his recently released debut album, SEA/SONS. Amidst the musical display, a heartfelt rendition of Chris Isaak’s iconic Wicked Game resonated deeply, leaving a stubborn mark on the hearts of all who listened.

Alexander and his band masterfully orchestrated a crescendo of emotions, skillfully elevating the spirits of the audience in harmonious preparation for the highly-awaited headlining performance by The Lumineers.

As the night unfolded, the suspense among all the attendees grew stronger. For me, it felt like an eternity (counting down hundreds of days) since the wait had begun. Finally, the moment arrived, and amidst a symphony of exuberant cheers, The Lumineers took to the stage.

The band made a captivating entrance, kicking off their performance with the title track of their fourth album, Brightside. As the sun bathed the magnificent venue in its radiant glow, the atmosphere was filled with an undeniable brightness, both visually and audibly.

The subsequent tracks only served to ignite the spirits of the audience, as beloved songs like Cleopatra, Ho Hey, and Angela graced the stage one after another. With each melodic note and heartfelt lyric, the collective energy in the venue grew even more luminous, spreading a wave of joy and euphoria among all who were present.

As the set-list progressed, we were blessed with the inclusion of several tracks from their latest album, including the nostalgic A.M. Radio, the exceptionally meaningful Where We Are (a personal favourite of mine), and the emotionally charged Never Really Mine. It was during the performance of Never Really Mine that Wesley Schultz ventured into the audience, adding an intimate touch to the already exhilarating atmosphere.

We were also lucky enough to witness additional gems in the set-list, including beloved fan favourites such as Flowers In Your Hair, Charlie Boy, Gloria, Ophelia, and the unforgettable Big Parade. These songs undoubtedly left a mark on the hearts of many in attendance. As the band bid their farewell during the resounding performance of Big Parade, the audience was left longing for more, their thirst for the Lumineers‘ enchanting music only intensified.

To our great delight, the band made a triumphant reappearance for an unforgettable encore, treating us to a sequence of songs including the captivating Submarines, the soul-stirring Remington, the breathtaking Reprise, and, of course, the timeless anthem Stubborn Love. It was an unequivocal truth: The Lumineers delivered an extraordinary performance, marking their final show of the tour in the United Kingdom. The experience left an indelible imprint on my heart, ensuring that this would not be the last time I witnessed their significant presence live on stage.