J.J Pfeifer is an American artist and composer who earlier this year created the soundtrack for the motion picture ‘The In Between’. One track in particular stood out to me and has since been on regular repeat. ‘In Between’ is an exquisitely romantic piece of music that delivers a soft play of piano, later developing into a deeper spiritual impact and with the hauntingly angelic vocals of Grace Meredith to harmonise, this track exudes an emotive melody in the most evocative of ways.

Hudson Taylor – ‘Hold Out Hope’

The early months of 2022 saw Irish folk duo, Hudson Taylor, share multiple singles which were set to come off their third album release later on during the year. ‘Hold Out Hope’ was one of those singles and a track that, in my opinion, shows off exactly what the band do best; delivering realities of what can on occasion be hard times alongside an infectiously joyful tune, whilst also including a strong flavour of optimism.

Jake Bugg – ‘Saffron (Remastered)’

Recently celebrating ten years since the release of his debut album, British singer/songwriter: Jake Bugg, treated listeners to a remastered edition of his introductory album. As a long standing fan of Bugg, it was particularly pleasing and nostalgic for me to hear some of his earlier and somewhat lesser known tracks re-brought to life. ‘Saffron’ is a tuneful acoustic number that witnesses Bugg masterfully plucking the strings of his guitar and fondly wearing his heart on his sleeve.

James Righton – ‘Pause’

As a former member of the rock band ‘Klaxons’, James Righton delightedly went onto build a solo career after the band’s separation in 2015 and this year witnessed Righton reveal his second album: ‘Jim, I’m Still Here’. The single ‘Pause’ is taken off said album and is quite instantly a significant jam to groove along to; with a reversed effect as an introduction to the electro-pop tune and notably ardent lyrics of desire to accompany, ‘Pause’ is an appealing track creating a liveliness and zealous spirit.

Kate McGill – ‘Maybe Time Means Nothing’

Not only is Kate McGill one half of the duo ‘Meadowlark’ but she also has a solo career that sees her sharing covers as well as self written songs. Over the past couple of years, McGill has been courageously honest with her mental health journey and coming to terms with the sorrowful passing of her mother. The loss of a loved one is something we all have to face and try our best to deal with. ‘Maybe Time Means Nothing’ is a beautifully written track baring a vulnerability and heartfelt message of love. I find the lyrics “I often think of you when I’m outside, are you one of the trees?” particularly endearing and alongside McGill’s always enchantingly delicate vocals, this song delivers an earnest message in a stunningly engaging manner.

 Pete Restrick – ‘Care’

When ‘Stereo Honey’ announced that the band would no longer be, back in 2020, you could say I was really rather gutted so to later hear the news of a solo career from Restrick, it was quite literally music to my ears. ‘Care’ is a heartfelt piece that emits a feeling of tranquillity and sincerity. Restrick’s divinely recognisable vocals convey him baring his soul within the lyrics to the rhythmic and serene melody of the track.

  The Lumineers – ‘Brightside’

‘Brightside’ is a blissfully beaming banger of a track from alternative folk band ‘The Lumineers’; sharing the same name as their fourth album which was released January this year. It’s an immediately catchy melody that only transpires into a deeper attraction as the song wondrously continues into the drop of the pleasurably endearing chorus. ‘Brightside’ oozes an uplifting feel good factor and has personally been a massive part of my 2022 soundtrack.

Fallu – ‘Sensational’

The Leeds born musician, Fallu, made her notable comeback in August 2022 with the revealing of her latest single ‘Sensational’; an incredibly apt title as the entire track effuses an extensive sense of self love and inner determination, displayed within the heartfelt lyrics. The heavenly mesmerising vocals of Fallu, in company with the buoyant and beguiling melody, defines the song as a magically captivating and oh-so singable tune.

 Dean Lewis – ‘How Do I Say Goodbye

This August witnessed global success for the single ‘How Do I Say Goodbye’. An exceptionally moving number with a massively emotive story behind; the first time I heard it, I cried. After receiving the news that his father had a very progressive form of cancer, Lewis wrote the track as a scary prospect of having to say goodbye to the man that helped bring him into this world. There’s no two ways about it, this release is sincerely heartfelt and the quivering of vocals throughout only helps give the song an even more effective and powerful touch.

Childcare – ‘Film Club (Early Demo)’

2022 saw the upsetting news of the South London based group Childcare’s departure from the music industry, but before they hung up their hats for good, we got one last treat to an ‘alternative version’ album. ‘Film Club’ was originally released in 2017 and has since been a song I’ve listened to regularly and the early demo version that came out this year, is just as appealing, if not slightly more so; showing off more of a stripped back genre. Whilst ‘Childcare’ are now no more, I felt it only trueful to add ‘Film Club (Early Demo)’ to this review as not only is this a song I’ve played countless times this year, but it’s one I’ve adored since 2017 also. We will miss you Childcare.