Empowering Success: An Exclusive Interview with Sheffield’s Upcoming Indie Band – The Rosadocs

Originating from Sheffield, The Rosadocs have left a profound imprint on the indie scene, boasting victorious headline tours and well-received support slots. Their latest release, At Your Door, unveiled in May, radiates an electrifying aura, pulsating with high-intensity beats and commanding vocals.

Here at Kaleidoscopic Melodics, we had the privilege of catching up with The Rosadocs following their successful tour, delving deeper into the essence of At Your Door while uncovering what lies ahead on their agenda.

First off it’s only right to ask you, how are you doing today?

I’m great thank you, we’ve had a week or so off so we’re raring to get back at it! Hope you are good too!

Let’s dive right in and delve into your latest single release, At Your Door. We’d love to hear more about the track and its creative process. Could you share some insights into the inspiration behind the song and how the creative process unfolded?

The Rosadocs - At Your Door
Single Artwork- Sam Crowston

At Your Door is a track that has been around for a long time. We wrote it in 2019 so it’s had its fair share of live plays over the years. It felt like we had finally honed it and decided to record it. The track itself is based around being in the doghouse with your Mrs so it allowed us to play upon the theme in a humorous way e.g with the music video. It’s a song that ended up being quite anthemic once finished and it’s one that gets belted back to us by the crowds at every show.

Having made a significant impact on the indie scene through successful headline tours and supporting renowned artists like Madness, The Sherlocks, The Reytons, and many others, how has this exposure and experience influenced your growth as a band and shaped your musical style and performances?

We’ve been very lucky to support a lot of our musical heroes over the years and met them at festivals. The influence other artists have had on us has been profound. You see little bits of someone else’s act that you like and then slowly over time incorporate them into your own style and it helps to round you as a more complete act. We’ve benefited massively from association with other acts and we’re forever grateful for that. Although exposure is a strange thing… sometimes you may think that a show/ support slot is going to skyrocket you in size but doesn’t always seem to be the case. There are so many variables involved but we’ve found that over the last year we’ve grown to a point where we are consistently gaining fans due to now knowing the industry a lot better so we know how to tweak and adapt our set to better suit each slot. It seems to be working better for us.

As you have recently concluded a series of tours and festival appearances, with more shows on the horizon, including your biggest headline show to date at Sheffield’s City Hall this November, could you shed some light on the significance of live performances in your musical journey as a band?

Live performance is everything to a band like us. The energy we are able to pack into our songs is directly from the energy we feel when playing it in front of people. Gigging allows you to get a feel for where the crowd is loving it, where it could be better and also you can try out how to make it better right there and then. Then once you have what you feel is the finished article you can go into the studio and try to recreate that energy in a track. 

The Rosadocs
The Rosadocs photographed by Sam Crowston

Throughout your journey, you have achieved remarkable milestones, including a sold-out tour in 2022 and an exciting collaboration with Chesterfield Football Club on a music/kit release video, among other accomplishments. With such significant achievements under your belt, is there a particular goal or dream that you aspire to reach as a band?

We work in 12 month plans. We’ve already hit all of our targets that we set for 2023 so it’s now looking at the next 12 months which are already underway. We are going bigger and better with everything. Larger venues, different cities, better tunes and we’re putting a hell of a lot of time into making our show something that hasn’t been seen at our level before. We can’t say too much at the minute but we’ve got a lot of tricks up our sleeves for the coming year.

And lastly, with ongoing support from notable platforms like BBC Sheffield, Backseat Mafia, and This Feeling, your momentum as a band is rapidly growing. How do you believe this support has contributed to your artistic development and what can fans anticipate from The Rosadocs in terms of upcoming music and events?

The support we receive is amazing and it always stuns us how much we get. Without such platforms supporting upcoming artists it would be near on impossible to progress or establish yourself in the industry. They provide support to both career development but also to the artist personally. There isn’t a lot of positive feedback for an artist starting out so to see kind words of encouragement from the start can sometimes be the difference between an artist giving up and not. The fans can anticipate an even bigger year with some incredible surprises in store. We’ve planned out a big proportion of the next year and it’s safe to say it’s going to be a rollercoaster! We are consistently writing and are a band that are lucky in that all the members individually write music so our output is good. The songs we haven’t showed anyone yet are up there with the best we’ve ever written so we can’t wait to show everyone.