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the Enchanting Sounds Of Meadowlark’s ‘Hiraeth’: Album Review

Meadowlark’s ethereal melodies, combined with Kate McGill’s dreamy vocals, offer a comforting soundtrack for the current autumnal season of life.

Meadowlark, a melodious duo consisting of best friends Kate McGill and Daniel Broadley, embarked on their artistic journey together in 2015. Over the years, they have evolved both as a dynamic musical entity and in their personal growth. Now, in 2023, they unveil their magnum opus, their third album titled Hiraeth.

Throughout the course of this year, Meadowlark has graced us with numerous singles from this remarkable album, some of which have been previously reviewed here on Kaleidoscopic Melodics. However, to experience Hiraeth in its entirety, from the very beginning to the end, is to grasp the deeper significance of the message it conveys.

The symphony that is Hiraeth, encompassing 12 glorious tracks, commences its lyrical journey with the soul-stirring composition, Goodbye. This poignant opening number delves deep into the sensitive blend of love and loss, guiding us through the labyrinthine maze of sentiments that often leave us feeling adrift.

Following this captivating introduction, we are gracefully led into the enchanting melodies of Full Me, Half You. Its seamless transition from the preceding track maintains a lyrical continuity that unfolds a harmonic narrative throughout the album. Yet, it’s with the delicate I Want Love (Like I Give My Love) that we encounter one of the album’s most stirring numbers, a lyrical masterpiece that has the power to evoke sincere feelings within.

The initial quintet of tracks within the album collectively narrate a touching tale, resonating deeply with the essence of human existence. They intricately explore the earnest significance of embracing our emotions, regardless of the daunting and occasionally agonising nature they may assume.

As we reach the midpoint of Hiraeth, the ensuing tracks gracefully usher a sense of spiritual awakening. Lighthouse bestows upon us a luminous ray of hope, paving the way for the transcendent piano melodies of Let It Go. This particular track holds a special place in my heart, as it features both Dan and Kate’s vocals, harmoniously uniting to resonate with the profound themes of optimism and beauty, enriching our musical journey.

Hiraeth masterfully encapsulates the intricacy of life’s ebbs and flows, offering a wise and transformative journey of healing. In a beautiful contrast to the album’s opening track of goodbye, we find ourselves at its conclusion, greeted by the heartwarming embrace of Hello. This number, yet another one of my personal favourites, features the resonant lyrics: “Hello darling, where’d you come from? Got me out of the blue and into the sun,” a lyrical sentence that has looped in my thoughts from first listen.

Within the span of 43 minutes, Kate and Dan have skill-fully created a magically acoustic and dreamlike soundscape. Immersing oneself in the entirety of Hiraeth offers not only a cathartic emotional journey but also a sense of solace in the recognition of the broader human experience. It elegantly navigates the complexity of emotions, encompassing loss, fear, overwhelm, gratitude, and joy, ultimately inviting us to embrace the full spectrum of our existence. In the realm of the band’s music, there exists a comforting sense of familiarity and to me, something about Meadowlark feels just like home.

As a testament to their dedication to their fan-base, Meadowlark has unveiled a special three-night tour set for December. This tour will bring their enchanting sounds to Bristol, Plymouth, and London, ensuring an intimate and unforgettable experience that truly reflects their passion for their artistry.

Word by Emily Leonard