Lady Bird Man - I'm Losing You

‘I’m Losing You’: Lady Bird Lad’s ‘Captivating Debut Transcends with Heartfelt Resonance

Singer-songwriter and producer, Harry Hudson-Taylor, marks his re-emergence into the music scene with the highly anticipated debut track under his solo title, Lady Bird Lad.

Having garnered acclaim for over a decade as one half of the cherished folk/rock duo, Hudson Taylor, Harry is now embarking on a transformative journey into the realm of solo artistry. Hailing from the vibrant musical City of Dublin, Ireland, he now calls the creative hub of Berlin home. His relocation signifies a notable shift as he delves into a new chapter of artistic expression and innovation. With a heap of experience and a fresh creative vision, Harry is set to captivate audiences with his emotive musical identity, promising a captivating melodic experience for both fans and newcomers alike.

I’m Losing You encapsulates the intricate struggle of maintaining connection with the present moment, nature, a higher realm, and loved ones, all while navigating the maze of one’s own thoughts.

This track delves into the voyage from self-absorption to presence, an emotional course resonating deeply with anyone who has experienced emotional distance even in the closest of relationships. With its empathetic lyrics and a gradually uplifting and infectious melody, the rhythmic allure of I’m Losing You has firmly secured its place as a recurring favourite in my Spotify listens since its recent debut, offering an experience that extends far beyond a journalistic observer’s perspective.

As a devoted follower of Hudson Taylor, I’ve had the pleasure of closely tracking Harry’s musical career over the span of the past ten years. It fills me with immense delight to announce that we are in for a treat, as Lady Bird Lad has exciting prospects lined up on the horizon. Plans are underway for a series of forthcoming single releases, as well as the fortune of a 2024 tour which is already taking shape, ensuring that followers of Harry will have the exciting opportunity to experience his artistry live. The future is indeed bright, so do be sure to stay tuned!

Words by Emily Leonard.