Embrace The Journey: Layks’ Sentiment-filled ‘If It All Ends Tomorrow’ EP

This April sees Sam J Martin release his sophomore EP If It All Ends Tomorrow, under his alternative indie pop band – Layks 

Sam J Martin, a London-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, embarked on the Layks project in the summer of 2020. Since then, Layks has become Sam’s primary musical focus, with the band embarking on tours across the UK and Europe.

If It All Ends Tomorrow, kicks off with Ghost Town, immediately captivating listeners with its infectiously toe-tapping and upbeat melody. Following this buoyant start, Alright proceeds as the second track, offering a beautifully atmospheric composition brimming with subtle, heartfelt sentiments. Transitioning seamlessly, the lead single, Find Me, envelops listeners in a delightful blend of dreamy, ethereal, and swayful vibes. Then, I’m Trying unfolds, echoing the EP’s overarching theme of captivating beauty through softly sung lyrics.

Closing the EP, we revisit Ghost Town, this time in a stripped-back rendition. This delivery not only harmoniously follows the previous tracks but also offers a more vulnerable and melancholic sentiment, providing a poignant conclusion to the musical journey.

Throughout the entirety of the EP, Sam’s angelic vocals shine, infusing each track with a delicate warmth that adds to the overall beauty and depth of the music

Layks has truly found its voice in IIAET and it’s a voice that asks “what are we doing here? Why do we seek love? What will happen if everything changes?” A question that has become a narrative over the world in a post-pandemic existence.”

Sam J Martin

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