Elevate Your Vibes with Layks’ Significant New Single ‘Watch and Wait’

Established in the 2020 under the creative leadership of the accomplished vocalist and versatile instrumentalist, Sam James Martin, LAYKS effortlessly combines the alluring vibes of alternative indie pop with the emotional depth of R&B and soul. By blending immersive synth sounds, soulful guitar, and enchanting vocals, LAYKS creates a unique musical blend that draws inspiration from a variety of sources, enabling their style to stand out and deeply connect with listeners.

The latest release of Watch and Wait, emerges as a soulful creation, recorded within the legendary space of London’s esteemed Abbey Road Studios. The track embarks on a journey of profound introspection, delving into the intricacies of anxiety and the art of navigating a world awash with uncertainties. The multi-textured instrumentation seamlessly entwines with vocals that gracefully flow, carrying a sense of serene delicacy, while a rhythm section that strikes with the force of a heartbeat adds a pulsating vitality.

“Poured my heart into this and I’m so glad it’s out in the world. New era feels so good and we are just getting started!”

Sam J Martin
It doesn’t stop there, with another new single from LAYKS coming later this month. Watch this space.