Chilli Jesson Live

Chilli Jesson Sets The Ivy House Ablaze: Electrifying Live Review from London

Having both Carolina Reaper and Thick Skin amongst my top 5 most listened to songs on Spotify in 2023, it felt incredibly fitting and exciting to experience Chilli Jesson’s live performance this 2024 and let me tell you, it certainly did not disappoint

On the damp morning of Tuesday, the 9th of April, I embarked on my journey from the rainy streets of Sheffield to the brighter and warmer embrace of London. Just as the weather transitioned, so did my spirits as anticipation surged within me. Fully aware that I was en-route to my first gig of the year and lo and behold, it arrived not a moment too soon!

At the sold-out venue of The Ivy House, the doors opened at half past 7, marking the beginning of an exhilarating evening. Rhys Timson of Moon Balloon took to the stage at 8pm, captivating the audience with a blend of previously released tracks and freshly written ones. His performance exuded joyous, mesmeric vibes, prompting the intimately spaced crowd to sway along in unison.

Following Rhys, Kitty Fitz and her band were next up to take the spotlight, delivering a seamless fusion of, again, formerly released tunes, as well as some new tunes. Both Rhys and Kitty treated the audience to a glorious set, leaving me eager to delve deeper into both bands’ discographies.

Then the moment I’d been waiting for had arrived – Chilli Jesson and the band took centre stage

Chilli and his bandmates, Rupert Greaves, Jamie Howard, and Luciano Cusack, took their positions on stage, and the opening chords of Love Is A Serious Mental Illness instantly gripped the audience, igniting the spirit of the room. Following this electrifying start, they transitioned seamlessly into the title track from the 2023 EP (review link), Carolina Reaper, before launching into Gucci Want The Suit Back. The energy of the performance matched Chilli’s dynamic stage presence, with high leg kicks and an exhilarating atmosphere that kept the audience buzzing. 

Next up was Something For Nothing, a currently unreleased track and one that saw the music video being filmed during the evening’s performance. Then came my personal highlight of the night: experiencing White Room live, a song I’ve been replaying on a loop for the past few months. Chilli’s latest release, Icarus, was also on the setlist, along with the popular St. Vitamin and Palma VioletsBest Of Friends to finish the night off in style. All in all, it was a wonderful first gig of the year to be involved in, and one I have no regrets about travelling over 4 and a half hours for. I only hope it’s the first of many Chilli Jesson shows for me.