Hannah Grace's 'Devoted' EP Cover

Enchanting Harmonies: Hannah Grace’s Devoted EP Takes Centre Stage!

Devoted is a celebration of life’s joys and challenges, encapsulating the essence of resilience and the beauty of embracing each moment

Hannah Grace, the talented Welsh singer-songwriter, is renowned for her soulful vocals and emotive performances. Since the start of her career in 2014, she has delighted listeners with numerous covers, including a stunning rendition of Fatboy Slim’s, Praise You, alongside her own sincere compositions. In 2020, she unveiled her debut album Remedy and since then, she has released several captivating singles. One of which, Just ‘Cause it’s Christmas (Always Been A Dreamer), was previously featured on Kaleidoscopic Melodics at the end of last year.

Hannah has delighted her fans with the recent release of her exceptionally heartfelt EP, Devoted. The title aptly captures the essence of her music, as it effortlessly evokes a profound sense of devotion within listeners through her divine vocals and deeply felt lyrics.

The EP consists of five stunningly captivating songs: Silver Linings, At 28, Focus On The Good, Love Takes a While to Grow, and, finally, the title track Devoted. Each of these tracks takes the listener on a beautifully transformative journey, recounting stories of happiness, love, and personal growth.

“I wrote Devoted about showing up for myself. Committing fully to going through it all, embracing the good AND the bad.”Hannah Grace.

Hannah’s powerful vocals and mesmerising storytelling transport listeners to a world of inspiration. With her exquisite piano melodies and soulful narratives, she masterfully shares her experiences and insights, leaving a lasting impression on all who immerse themselves in her musical talents.

As fans engross themselves in the enchanting sounds of Devoted, they are sure to be lifted by the devoted touch of Hannah Grace and captivated by the magical power of her music, making it an EP that resonates deeply with hearts and minds alike.