Chilli Jesson

Unleashing Chilli Jesson’s Explosive Carolina Reaper EP

Chilli Jesson has finally unleashed his highly anticipated EP, aptly titled Carolina Reaper

The four song long EP erupts with its title track that instantaneously sets the senses ablaze. Following suit, Gucci Wants The Suit Back is up next, followed by the significant Thick Skin. Before leaving us with the latest and final instalment of Harness.

Chilli Jesson

Carolina Reaper

After a series of earlier releases throughout 2022, Chilli Jesson unveiled the introductory title track in the latter part of the year. Like flickering embers, the moody guitars of Carolina Reaper ignite a sense of intrigue, while the lyrics delve into situational narratives that dance on the edge of perception.

Gucci Want The Suit Back

It all began with an email from Gucci’s loan department, requesting the return of a borrowed suit – a clever nod that set the stage for what was to come. With its infectious energy and irresistible charm, the track offers an unfiltered perspective on the realms of frivolity, fame, and fashion. But the excitement doesn’t stop there as Jesson himself took his artistic vision to new heights by crafting an animated video that perfectly complements the catchy vibes of the song.

Thick Skin

As the third release of the EP, this particular track holds a special place in my heart. Relating back to Jesson’s schooldays, this gripping track sheds light on the profound notion of finding liberation amidst social alienation. (Further detailed review: here)


Carolina Reaper’s culminating piece, Harness, was unveiled just last week and was crafted in collaboration with friend and talented musician, Rupert Greaves. Its captivating piano melody, charismatic vocals, and lyrical significance, allows the track to gracefully concludes the EP, drawing listeners into a captivating and introspective journey.

“The lyrics quickly bled onto the page and live violins were added, which was a first for us.” Chilli shares. “At the end of the track, where all the other instruments drop out and the piano is left bare, if you listen closely you can hear him competing with the swirling sound of the end of a washing machine cycle, which in turn felt like it should be the closing track to the Carolina Reaper EP.”

You can catch Chilli Jesson as the main support on the Corella UK tour later this year.