Alfie Hudson-Taylor’s Charming Debut Single ‘Being in Love’: A Captivating Symphony of Romance

Alfie Hudson-Taylor is an Irish singer-songwriter, best known as one half of the acclaimed folk band duo, Hudson Taylor. Alongside his musical endeavors, Alfie shares his insights and experiences as co-host on the enlightening podcast How To Break an Artist (you can read the full review on the podcast – here). In recent months, listeners have heard Alfie’s candid reflections on the challenges he’s faced within the music industry, including his band’s financial struggles that led to the difficult decision to disbanding Hudson Taylor. Following the podcast’s airing, a significant development happened: Alfie’s contractual ties with the band reached their conclusion. This pivotal moment marked a new chapter in Alfie’s career journey, allowing him the opportunity to transition into a fully independent artist. Embracing this newfound freedom, Alfie embarked on a solo venture, leading to the recent release of his debut single.

Alfie Hudson-Taylor’s debut song, Being in Love, exudes an enchanting blend of romanticism and nostalgia.

With poetic lyrics like “I’ve gazed at aurora from high in the sky and looked at the lavender moon // nothing’s as magic or half as romantic as being in love with you,” the single captures the essence of love’s ethereal beauty. Set against a backdrop of a dreamy guitar melody that gracefully progresses to include strings and piano, the song creates an atmosphere of profound intimacy and tenderness.

Adding a poignant touch, the single cover featuring Alfie’s grandparents infuses the track with additional layers of sincerity and meaning, resonating with listeners on a deeply personal level. Being in Love stands as a magically heartfelt ode to the power and enchantment of love, destined to captivate the hearts of all who listen.

You can catch Alfie live next month at the following dates:

Dolans, Limerick – 17.04.24

Crown Live, Wexford – 19.04.24

Workman’s Club, Dublin – 21.04.24

The Social, London – 30.04.24