More Than Enough - Lady Bird Lad

Empowering Euphony: Lady Bird Lad’s Latest Single ‘More Than Enough’ Unveils a Musical Journey of Abundance and Positivity

Lady Bird Lad is back with his second single, More Than Enough, paving the way for the upcoming release of his debut EP of the same name

Irish singer-songwriter Harry Hudson-Taylor presents Lady Bird Lad, a fresh indie-folk pop project. Last year saw the release of his debut song, I’m Losing You, which marked the start of his captivating musical venture. Now, Lady Bird Lad is set to enchant audiences once again with the second single, More Than Enough, serving as a precursor to the upcoming debut four-track EP scheduled for release on March 1st.

Infused with melancholic undertones that gradually transform into an upbeat euphony, accompanied by a diverse array of instruments and vocals contributed by musician Seraphina Taylor/Feathered Fire, More Than Enough showcases Lady Bird Lad’s love for music and his exceptional talent for seamlessly blending impactful lyrics with captivating instrumentals.

Lady Bird Lad has also curated an intricately hand-drawn lyric video that complements the track, delivering a delightful and poignant message. This visual accompaniment adds a touch of artistry to the overall experience, enhancing the meaning behind the music.

Words by Emily Leonard