Rollo Doherty Unveils Majestic Dreamscape in Debut Single ‘It’s All Beautiful Rain’

Rollo Doherty is a London-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and visual artist. You may already be familiar with him as the front member of the successful alternative-rock band, ISLAND. This 2024, not only has a new year begun, but a brand new chapter unfolds for Rollo as he embarks on a solo artistic journey.

Today, Rollo releases his delightful debut single, It’s All Beautiful Rain, featuring DJ Yoda

Drawing inspiration from the essence of 90s Hip Hop, Movie Soundtracks, and Shoegaze, It’s All Beautiful Rain is a masterful blend that effortlessly combines these influences, instantly captivating with its entrancing quality. Featuring enriching lyrics and an uplifting groove, immersing oneself in the track is like standing in a mesmerising downpour of melodic dreaminess.

“Rain seems synonymous to London, specifically as a kind of negative aspect of living here. In other parts of the world rain is gratefully received – it’s all about perspective. It’s All Beautiful Rain focusses on how it’s actually possible to see something beautiful behind something which on the surface is dismissed as inconvenient/melancholic. The song doesn’t attempt to find any answers, I’m just exploring and letting go of challenging feelings and emotions, whatever form they appear in.”Rollo shares.

It’s All Beautiful Rain serves as the first single from Rollo’s upcoming EP, Out My Window. As the title suggests, Rollo meticulously crafted his EP within the comfort of his own home, finding inspiration in the subtle happenings beyond the boundaries of his bedroom window. If the lead single is any indication, we are undoubtedly in for a beautiful treat.

The newly premiered video brings an additional transfixing portrayal to the track which you can now watch below.

Words by Emily Leonard