Sun Goes Down Behind Your House (1)

Appreciate the Blissful Summer Vibes of Rollo Doherty’s ‘When the Sun Goes Down Behind Your House’

Rollo Doherty presents his third single, Sun Goes Down Behind Your House, just in time for you to savour the sweetness of the summer sunset

Rollo Doherty was previously featured on Kaleidoscopic Melodics with the release of his debut single as a solo artist, It’s All Beautiful Rain, which came out at the beginning of the year. His second single, Papaya, followed in the subsequent months. Now, his third single from his upcoming 8-track EP, Out My Window, has arrived.

Sun Goes Down Behind Your House instantly captivates with its dreamy quality and uplifting melodies, enhanced with an addition of bird noises that transports your mind to a place of natural delight. The appreciative and sincere lyrics of, ‘When the sun goes down behind your house, it’s something holy, it’s something kind’, evoke a sense of tranquility and mindfulness, allowing you to feel a deeper connection to the serene beauty of the moment.

Sun Goes Down is about the simple pleasures. It was a message to a friend struggling with addiction to keep looking for the real things in life.”

Rollo Doherty

Rollo’s solo music also helps fans like myself patiently await the confirmed return of his band, ISLAND.