Louis Berry - Family Man

Louis Berry’s ‘Family Man’: The Atmospheric Leading Single To Come Off Highly Anticipated Upcoming Debut Album

After a hiatus of 7 months since his last release, Louis Berry returns with the eagerly awaited single of Family Man, the lead single from his forthcoming debut album.

The unveiling of the news about the arrival of Louis first child has positioned Family Man as the ideal and fitting tribute for designation as the lead single from his impending album release. The initial guitar strumming establishes an immediate allure to the song, a magnetic quality that only intensifies with continued listening. As the buildup of instruments gradually takes place, a rustic and country charm charges the composition. Louis’ gravelly vocals, coupled with the profound depth of the lyrics, infuse the track with a reflective and climactic tone, embracing the intricately layered journey of familial connections.

While the release date for Louis’ debut album remains undisclosed, the anticipation builds as we approach 2024. A tour is poised to kick off early next year, accompanied by the expectation of additional single releases in the near future.

Words by Emily Leonard