ALEXANDR are a Paris based band that exhibit a distinct blend of northern accents, dance beats, and catchy guitar licks, giving off a nostalgic vibe reminiscent of the ’90s.

The trio, consisting of members from both France and Britain, draws influence from 90s Indie music while skillfully incorporating electro-infused pop, resulting in a polished and contemporary soundscape.

After receiving widespread acclaim for their previous releases – You Won’t Get Another Chance and Surrender, the band is now gearing up to unveil their debut album, titled Aloners To The World. The newly released album has been expertly mixed by renowned sound engineer Adrian Bushby, known for his work with notable bands such as New Order, Foo Fighters, The Enemy, Muse, and Young Guns.

The 3rd single release of the album, Change, emerges as a heartfelt tribute to unwavering love that endures the tests of time, embracing personal growth and defying the external pressures that surround us. Its grandiose composition and expansive mixing create a sonic landscape that exudes an indomitable spirit. Previous singles, 1996 and Dreaming, have also captured the hearts of listeners, amassing an impressive combined total of over 88,000 streams on Spotify.


Within their infectious and vibrant beats lies a meticulously crafted soundscape, seamlessly blending electrifying pop sensibilities with the nostalgic allure of 90s guitar riffs. The vocal harmonies, imbued with power and emotion, soar effortlessly, painting vivid strokes across the musical canvas and with their distinctive sound, ALEXANDR presents a masterful fusion of captivating melodies and invigorating rhythms, an auditory journey that resonates with both familiarity and exhilaration.

ALEXANDR – Dreaming

Here at Kaleidoscopic Melodics I caught up with the group to ask them a few questions.

Firstly, I hope you are doing well today! And secondly, how’s the reception from the release of your album been so far?

We’re very well, thanks and hope you are too! The reception has been really enthusiastic from the fans but also the media. We’ve already had some rave reviews in both France and the UK!

I know on instagram you describe yourself as the ‘best British pop band in Paris’, what inspired the decision to form Alexandr as a band? And as a follow-up question, do you think the French and British music scenes play an equal role in the music you create?

Yeah! I stole ‘best British pop band in Paris’ from a good friend who described us like that
one day. I thought it was a perfect way to summarise ALEXANDR’s international roots, with just the touch of cheekiness that we like. ALEXANDR was formed out of the ashes of our previous childhood band. After a few separate stints with other bands, we decided to get back together, and started writing and producing our own tracks using more drum machines and synths. I’d say our musical inspiration is mainly British but we do listen to many French artists, especially from the electro scene.

Aloners To The World is your debut album and I know a lot of time and effort has gone into making it, you’ve been able to join forces with the highly acclaimed sound engineer, Adrian Bushby, who’s worked beside many household names. I was just wondering, how did you find that experience and do you have a particular highlight to the creating process of the record?

Working with Adrian was an absolute pleasure. Considering the people he’s worked with over the years you’d expect the process to be complicated but it was actually quite the opposite! My personal favourite memory was the first time we spoke to him after he’d heard the demos and he immediately said (and I quote) “you should be proud of yourselves lads, these songs are great!” What a guy! Very humble.

alexandr - astrid karoual
Alexandr photgraphed by Astrid Karoual
As I mentioned in the previous question, you worked besides Bushby who’s worked with bands such as Foo Fighters and New Order, to name a few. There’s definitely a lot of influential bands within the lineup that he’s worked with. What artists would you say have been an important influence to you as a group?

Well, New Order was always one of them, which obviously got us very excited because we knew he’d worked with them on an album we absolutely adore (Get Ready). Other than that we love Oasis and most of the Manchester scene. Stone Roses and Happy Mondays from around that area. Depeche Mode and Tears for Fears are a big inspiration as well!

Lastly, what’s on the horizon for the band? Can we possibly expect any live shows in the near future?

We have a new single and video coming out on June 16 and a release party in Paris on 23
June. Then, while things wind down for the summer we’ll most probably be preparing a new single and video for September and some gigs in France and Belgium. We’d love to come back to the UK before the end of the year as well!