The Cavs’ latest single, Again is quite possibly their best yet. With melodic guitar lines and Elliot Craven’s impressive vocals, the Manchester five-piece show progress and creativity. They’re known for their energetic live shows and their upcoming headline gig at Deaf Institute is close to selling out. Again has received radio support from Jim Salveson and the band have four gigs lined up with ThisFeeling in April. All signs point to a big year for The Cavs and I was fortunate enough to catch up with the group to ask them a few questions.

First off it only feels polite to ask, how are you today?

Thank you for asking! We’re doing really well actually. We’ve been busy with rehearsals and getting ready for our upcoming shows, but we’re feeling excited and energised. It’s always a thrill to share our music with audiences, and we’re looking forward to getting back out there and performing live again.

Can you share more about your latest single Again and how it showcases the versatility and musical prowess of The Cavs? Additionally, what can fans expect to experience while listening to this track and why do you believe it’s a must-listen for indie rock fans?

Absolutely! Again is a special song for us because it became an instant band favourite to play and it came together very quickly in rehearsals. We wanted to create a song that had a driving energy and a catchy hook. Fans can expect to experience a range of emotions while listening to Again. The lyrics explore the idea of feeling stuck in a rut and wanting to break free from it, which is something I think many people can relate to. Musically, the song has a dynamic range that takes listeners on a journey from the more introspective verses to the explosive choruses.

As an up-and-coming indie rock band, your recent nomination as ‘Big in 2023’ by This Feeling, which has been dubbed as “the best club in the UK for any future rock n roll stars” by Noel Gallagher, is an impressive achievement. Could you elaborate on how this nomination has influenced your band’s drive and enthusiasm, and what this recognition signifies to you?

Absolutely. Being nominated is a huge honour for us. It’s been a real validation of all the hard work we’ve put in over the past three years, and it’s been incredibly inspiring to see that our music is resonating with people.

In terms of how this nomination has influenced our band’s drive and enthusiasm, we’d say it’s definitely given us an extra boost of motivation. It’s easy to get discouraged in the music industry, especially when you’re just starting out, but this recognition has shown us that we’re on the right path and that all our efforts are paying off. We’re more excited than ever to keep pushing ourselves and see where our music takes us. It’s also been great to work alongside other talented musicians in Manchester. The ‘Big in 2023’ gig was a real highlight for us, and it was incredible to share the stage with some truly amazing acts.

As you have a number of scheduled live performances later this month, including a headlining hometown gig later in the year, I am curious to know if there is a particular venue that you aspire to perform at in the future? One that holds a special significance or represents a significant milestone in your music career?

Wembley! *laughs*

We have a lot of goals and aspirations when it comes to live performances. One venue that we would absolutely love to play at in the future is the Apollo in Manchester. It’s one of our favorite venues in the city, and we’ve seen some incredible shows there over the years.

Your latest single follows on from the success of your limited edition EP – Music To My Madness that received significant airplay and media attention both domestically and globally. What were some of the creative highlights in creating the EP?

One of the highlights for us was the opportunity to collaborate with the Royal Northern College of Music. They are an incredibly talented group of musicians, and their addition of strings to our tracks really gave them a whole new dimension. It was amazing to hear our music come to life in a way we hadn’t anticipated. We also had the chance to work with Ben Gonzalez, who is the drum tech for The Hollies (I love The Hollies, that is so cool!) He recorded the drums and bass for the EP, and he was incredibly supportive of our experimental approach to recording. He let us try out all sorts of different equipment and techniques, which was a real highlight for us.

Overall, the creative process behind Music To My Madness was a real journey for us as a band. We learned a lot about ourselves and our music, and we’re incredibly proud of the end result.

Lastly, we’re thrilled to hear about the exciting shows you have lined up, but also curious: what else can fans expect from The Cavs in the coming year?

We’ll be heading back into the studio in May to record two new singles, which we can’t wait to share with our fans. We’ve been working hard on the new material, and we’re confident that it will showcase even more of our versatility as a band.

In addition to new music, we have plenty of gigs lined up throughout the year, and we’re hoping to add some festival appearances to the mix as well. We love performing live and connecting with our fans, so we’re really looking forward to hitting the road and sharing our music with as many people as possible.

Photo cred. Debbie Ellis Photography